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Why Work With Me?

Because there is not another coach or mentor out there that has the combination of skills and experience I offer! 

Experience the benefits of my 12 years of coaching experience

with people using brain & nervous system programs,

15 years as a therapist,

and extensive professional development.

What I offer is far beyond basic retraining coaching. I can help you overcome roadblocks and create a do-able path forward so you can really progress. We can also work together to help you become more resilient.

My Services

Individual Sessions
$200 CAD (approx. $150 USD) for 50 minutes

$125 CAD (approx. $93 USD) for 30 minutes (follow up sessions only)


Brain Retraining Coaching Packages (Save 5%)

4 Sessions, 50 minutes - $760 CAD (approx. $560 USD)

Works out to $190 CAD (approx. $140 USD) per session

4 Sessions, 30 minutes - $475 CAD (approx. $349 USD)

Works out to $119 CAD (approx. $88 USD) per session

Resilience Coaching Packages (Save 10%)

12 Sessions, 50 minutes - $2160 CAD (approx. $1580 USD)

Works out to $180 CAD (approx. $134 USD) per session

Contact Me to Purchase

*Prices are subject to GST for Canadian residents

Here's What Clients Have to Say:

"Working with Candy as my brain retraining coach has been a catapult forward in my healing journey. I worked with several other coaches prior to her but I seemed to be at a plateau.  She is unique in that she has experience with multiple brain retraining programs and can recommend the specific tools that will be most useful for each individual rather than a blanket approach. She brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, truly understanding the brain and what it needs to heal. After implementing the tools recommended by her, I have seen such tremendous progress. I highly recommend her as a coach! "

- Kelly O.

"My coaching sessions with Candy were absolutely AMAZING! With a deep understanding of both brain rewiring and psychology she was able to provide me with unique insights and perspectives that I would NEVER have arrived at myself nor gotten from my rewiring program alone. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for coaching on brain retraining!" 

- Peter G.

"Candy's coaching has been so valuable to me in my healing journey. She is warm, understanding, and helps me feel safe and supported. Not only does she have extensive knowledge of how our thoughts and emotions impact our physical bodies, but she also has different tools for different issues. I have done multiple brain retraining programs prior to seeing Candy and while I did receive a lot of learning and help from those programs, having Candy's support tailored to my (many) specific issues really catapulted my healing journey forward. Every time we meet, I have discovered new insights and additional layers that have come up to be healed. 

In the year I've been working with Candy I have gone from isolation and extensive time resting in bed with chronic symptoms to going back to school, working part time, having fun with family and friends, going out to large all-day events, LAUGHING AGAIN! and much more. I feel better than I have in years and I am deeply grateful to Candy for all of her help." 

- Stephanie L.


"Working with Candy has been Life Changing! For the first time, it feels like  someone ‘finally gets me’

Her knowledge, compassion and all of her tools, are beyond compare.  She is One of a Kind, and such a pleasure to work with!"

- Dawn B  

"I heard Candy on a podcast and was impressed with her depth of knowledge regarding brain retraining and decided to set up a session.  I was at a very hopeless point in my life after 4 years of daily brain retraining with DNRS.  I had a great coach and had resolved many issues, but was still having serious symptoms of brain dysfunction that no amount of neuroplastic rounds, redirecting or mood elevation could touch.  I was told by many within the program to "keep doing rounds and the miracle would happen", but I was getting desperate and felt like a failure.  She had the insight to suggest that it was possible that my issues were coming from a different part of my brain and referred me to a Functional Neurologist for evaluation.  Her willingness to step outside of the DNRS/Gupta boxes truly saved my life.  Within a few months, those symptoms were resolved and I have a much better quality of life.  I learned that not everything is "limbic" and wish that I had found a coach like Candy earlier in my brain retraining process.  It would have eliminated years of suffering.  She was the only one who helped me to find what I needed for complete healing.  I am immensely grateful."

- Deanna D.

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