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About Candy

Candy assists and empowers individuals to reclaim their capacity to thrive. She is extensively trained in somatic therapy & nervous system regulation, trauma therapy, parts work, and in neuroplasticity based interventions (harnessing the brain’s ability to change). Candy has 12 years of experience coaching people in the brain and nervous system retraining community. She also practiced as a Clinical Counsellor in British Columbia, Canada for 15 years prior to moving solely into coaching. In 2015 she completed a year long certificate program in Positive Psychology, taught by a former Harvard professor and founder of the Wellbeing Institute. Positive Psychology is an evidence based field that builds on people's strengths and teaches them strategies to create more happiness, well-being and success in their lives.


Candy learned Reiki in 2003, completed her Reiki Master Teacher training in 2007, then in 2021 completed advanced trainings in both Karuna & Holy Fire Reiki, expanding her capacity to help through these upgraded & powerful healing energies. Candy taught Reiki courses for over a decade, to both the general public and hospice volunteers, and trained close to three hundred people. Candy helped set up the complimentary care program at the Central Okanagan Hospice Association, so that patients and their loved ones could receive Reiki and that bereavement Reiki could be offered to anyone who experienced a loss. 


Candy currently offers brain retraining & wellness coaching for those recovering from chronic conditions who are implementing a brain retraining program, and for those interested in moving to a place of thriving in their lives. Candy has been coaching individuals since Jan. 2011, initially for the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS) and later in her own private practice. She first had her own experience of recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Anxiety & mild MCS primarily through DNRS, which led her to join their team. Candy facilitated DNRS programs for five years in addition to working as their head coach and coach trainer/supervisor, and completed over one thousand coaching sessions before leaving the company in 2016. Later she used the Gupta program to recover from long Covid, and the Gupta tools along with Functional Neurology to alleviate persistent issues resulting from a car accident. Since then, Candy has dedicated herself to learning even more about other brain retraining programs, the nervous system, overcoming inner hidden barriers, and fostering resilience.


Candy has been a guest speaker at the Rewiring Your Wellness online retreat and the Our Power is Within podcast. She writes a twice monthly Q & A blog for brain retrainers and facilitates live Q&A's four times a year . Candy also offers consultation & mentorship to other brain retraining coaches.


For a detailed listing of her professional development trainings & work experience, please see her curriculum vitae below.






Curriculum Vitae

Candy Widdifield, B.Comm., B.Ed., B.A., M.Ed., RMT (IARP)

Experienced Therapist, Certified Master Coach, Registered Reiki Master Teacher

ph. 778-821-1745


Master Coaching Certification, 2023

M.Ed. in Counselling Psychology, University of Victoria, BC, 2007

Karuna & Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher, Kelowna, 2020 

Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Victoria, BC, 2007

B.A. in Psychology, with distinction, University of Calgary, AB, 2005
B.Ed. majoring in Early Childhood Education, University of Calgary, AB, 2002
B.Comm. in Entrepreneurial Management, Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC, 1999. Recipient of the Dr. Nicholas Rubidge Award for enhancing student life on campus
Dipl. Of Business Administration in General Management, Camosun College, Victoria, BC, 1998

Personal Highlights

Professional member of the Preventative Health Services Group

Former professional member of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (until Dec 2022)

Professional member of the International Association for Reiki Professionals since 2009

Extensive training in Coaching, Currently working on Certification specializing in Women Centered Coaching

Safe & Sound Protocol Facilitator Training 

Completed a year-long course in Positive Psychology, focusing on how to increasing optimal mental health, & wellbeing, followed by a course in Positive Psychology Coaching

Guest Speaker at the Rewiring Your Wellness online retreat & Our Power Is Within Podcast

Advanced EMDR therapy training (including several advanced trainings, over 50 client hours and 20 hours of consultation)
Completed 40 hours of palliative care direct service volunteer training and 10 hours of bereavement training at the Central Okanagan Hospice Association
Former member of the Living and Learning Through Loss Society in Victoria BC
Former Certified Senior Facilitator & Head Coach of the Dynamic Neural Retraining System 
Completed five modules of training in Somatic Transformation Therapy 
Over 300 supervised client hours in individual and group settings
Over 25 years of individual and group work in personal development

Over 10 years of coaching brain re-trainers
Personal experience and training in brain retraining, positive psychology, somatic psychotherapy, energy psychology, women centred coaching, grief & loss, attachment, spiritual growth,  ACT, inner child work, ego state therapy, Psych-K & subconscious programming, mindfulness, meditation, guided imagery, and expressive therapies with children, in addition to traditional counselling and coaching methods.

Career-Related Experience

Calgary AB, Dec. 2022 - current

Private Practitioner - Brain Retraining Coaching, Wellbeing & Resilience Coaching, Reiki

Offers troubleshooting & deeper work coaching sessions for individuals with chronic conditions who are currently using brain retraining tools.

Offers wellbeing & resilience coaching for those looking to thrive in their lives and become their best selves.

Provides Reiki sessions for personal growth, illness, pain, nervous system regulation and stress management


Kelowna BC, 2010 - 2014, Nov. 2015 - Dec. 2022

Private Practitioner - Counselling, Brain Retraining & Wellness Coaching, Reiki 
Offered short term counselling and in-depth psychotherapy sessions for adults who experience trauma, grief & loss, anxiety & depression, chronic illness, life transitions, personal growth, and parenting, drawing on training in Nervous System Regulation, Somatic Transformation, Mindfulness, Client Centered Therapy, Grief &Loss, CBT, ACT, Energy Psychology, and Attachment theory

Provided Reiki sessions for personal growth, chronic and terminal illness, pain, and stress management. 

Taught Reiki trainings 

Offered wellness coaching sessions for individuals with chronic conditions and those looking to thrive 

Facilitated the Safe & Sound Protocol for nervous system regulation 

Dynamic Neural Retraining System, Victoria BC, 2010 – April 2016

Limbic System Neural Rehabilitation Specialist 

Certified Senior Program Faciliator & Coach

Head of Coaching & Registrations (2011-Fall 2015) 
Facilitated 5 day neuroplasticity programs geared toward individuals with Chronic Fatigue, MCS, Fibromyalgia, Electrical Hypersensitivity Syndrome, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, and PTSD. The program teaches individuals to consciously act back on their brain to change the structure and function of their limbic system
Offer personal coaching sessions over the phone for individuals who have completed the program and require additional support
Provide training (& supervision previously) for all other DNRS coaches

Central Okanagan Hospice Association, Kelowna BC, 2010 – 2016
Reiki Master Teacher
Trained hospice volunteers in basic levels of Reiki and assessed competency of Reiki clinicians
Previously involved in developing procedures and guidelines for complementary care services
Assisted in the expansion of the complementary care at Hospice House

Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic, Sidney BC, 2008-2009
Private Practitioner - Counselling & Reiki
Offered talk therapy sessions as well as a combination of Reiki & Counselling
Worked with a range of clients in various life stages. Issues included: anxiety, depression, life transitions, chronic illness, parenting, grief & loss, personal growth.
Collaborated with the other health professionals in the office regarding clients

Greater Victoria School District #61, Victoria BC, 2007-2009
District Counsellor
Completed assessments, observations, and interviews to determine underlying issues
Provided one on one counselling using expressive therapies, CBT techniques, and Somatic Transformation therapy
Made referrals to appropriate outside agencies and groups
Conducted small group sessions for specific areas of difficulty
Consulted with teachers and parents, provided suggestions and strategies
Collaborated with outside agencies involved with the child or family
Created Individual Educations Plans
Areas of intervention included: ADHD, social issues, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, anger management, and parenting
Member of the school district’s Critical Incident Response Team

Living and Learning Through Loss, Victoria BC, 2006-2008
Grief & Loss Group Co-Facilitator
Co-facilitated eight-week groups for teens that had experienced one or multiple losses. Initial co-facilitations were part of an advanced practicum; continued group facilitation after practicum completion  
Conducted individual grief and loss sessions
Provided psychoeducation on the grief process
Assisted teens in distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy coping behaviours and in creating their own healthy coping plans
Supported group members in expressing their thoughts and emotions around their losses, and in finding resources in their lives

Peninsula Community Services, Sidney BC, 2004-2008
Volunteer Counsellor
Completed 250 hours of training focused on both personal growth & counselling skills
Training highlights included: trauma healing, mindfulness, client-centered therapy, CBT, solution focus therapy, narrative therapy, grief and loss counselling.
Provided individual counselling for life transitions and mood disorders

Professional Development Training

Foundations of Women Centered Coaching (Apr. 2024 - June 2024)

Strongheart Relationship Program with Rick Hanson (June 2024)

Better Boundaries, Finally! Program (May - June 2024)

Mastering the Treatment of Trauma (Apr. - May 2024)

How to Heal Chronic Pain with Dr. Howard Schubiner, MD (April 2024)

Introduction to Women Centered Coaching with Dr. Claire Zammit (April 2024)

Inner Child Work Training (Nov 2023)

Vagus Nerve Master Class (Aug 2023)

NLP Training (July 2023 - current)

Happiness Life Coach training (Mar 2023 - current)

Certified SKY Wellness Coach, Art of Living Foundation (July 2023)

Certified Master Coach training (Sept. 2022- Feb 2023)

Art of Living Foundation Courses (May 2022 - May 2024), Volunteer Training (June 2023)

Changing your Mind with Rick Hanson (July 2022)

Gupta Program for Health & Happiness (Dec 2021 - June 2022)

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) (Mar - June 2021) 

Nervous System Tune-Up (Mar 2021) 

EMDR Flash Technique (Mar 2021, Apr 2020, Nov 2019) 

Resolving Chronic Pain Summit (Jan 2021) 

Deepening Inner Listening (Nov 2020) 

Transforming Grief & Shadow (Oct - Nov 2020, Oct - Nov 2019) 

Working with the core belief of "Never Good Enough" - NICABM (Jan 2020) 

Safe & Sound Protocol (Jan 2020, Nov 2019) 

The Clinical Application of Compassion - NICABM (Nov 2019)

Ego State Therapy Interventions (Jan 2019)

Advanced EMDR Workshop: EMDR therapy preparation for adults with attachment trauma (Jan 2019) 

Quantum Field Practitioner (Energy psychology) (Sept 2018) 

Certified EMDR Therapist (July 2016) 

Advanced EMDR workshop: Spiritual Trauma (April 2016) 

Advanced EMDR workshop: Dissociation & Ego State Therapy (March 2016)  

EMDR Basic Training (Sept. 2015 – Dec 2015) 

Course in Positive Psychology Coaching (Feb. 2015 – Apr. 2015)

Self-Compassion Step by Step audio program & extensive readings on Self-Compassion (Sept.-Dec. 2014)

Created & Facilitated a workshop for volunteers on Developing Self-Compassion (Dec. 2014 - Jan 2015) 

Certificate in Positive Psychology (Feb. 2014 – Jan. 2015)

Art of Companioning the Mourner: Caregiving Principles & Practises (Sept. 25, 2014)
Mindfulness & Psychotherapy Training (Sept. – Dec. 2013)
Mindfulness Webinar Series  - NICABM (July 2013)
Psych-K® Health & Wellness Training (Feb. 2013)
Psych-K® Advanced Training (Feb. 2012)
Promoting Professional Value Congruence through Reflective Practice (Fall 2012)
Grief and loss one day workshop with Nancy Reeves (Aug. 2011)
Dynamic Neural Retraining System, Facilitator’s training (Dec. 2010 – May 2011)
Spirituality and End of Life Care, teleconference (Apr. 2011)
PSYCH-K® basic level training (Jan. 2011)
16 hours of distance learning on creating and sustaining attachment, Dr. Gordon Neufeld [Sept. 2010 (8hrs), July 2011 (8hrs)]
One day workshop with Dr. Gordon Neufeld on work with difficult children (Aug. 2010)
Somatic Transformation Therapy – year 1 (Mar. 2008)
Somatic Transformation Therapy – year 2 (completed 2 of 3 modules, Fall 2008)
Critical Incident Response Training (Oct. 2008)
Restitution level 1 (April 2008), level 2 (Oct. 2008)
Reiki training – Masters level (Oct. 2007)
De-escalating potentially violent situations (Jan. 2008)
Grief and Loss - Masters level course facilitated by Nancy Reeves (2007)
Critical Incident Response Training (Nov. 2007)
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) (Aug./Sept. 2007)
Spirituality and parenting workshop (May 2007)
Barbara Coloroso parenting seminar (May 2007)
CRD workshop on ADHD (Dec. 2006)
Enlightenment Intensive Meditation Workshop (April 2006, May 2007)
Guided imagery seminar (Oct. 2005)
Addictions seminar (Oct. 2005)
Enneagram workshop (May 2004)
Virtues Project Facilitators workshop (May 2001)

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