Reiki Trainings

Basic, Advanced & Masters Levels

Upcoming Training Dates for 2020:

Basic - October 3 & 4

Advanced & Masters: TBA

New: Basic Reiki Refresher online via Zoom coming soon!

(Please email, call or text to register)

In Basic training (levels 1 & 2) you will learn:

  • How to give a Reiki session to yourself and to others

  • The history, principles, benefits, & uses of Reiki

  • Tools for giving distance Reiki sessions

  • Practical tips on working with clients

  • How to use Reiki for mental and emotional healing, as well as physical ailments

  • Japanese healing symbols & how to use them to enhance a session

  • The level 1 & 2 attunements to Reiki energy

At the end of this weekend long training you will be considered a Reiki practitioner.​

Cost: $425

Advanced Training (ART) includes:

  • The advanced level attunement

  • Reiki meditation to strengthen the mind & expand consciousness

  • Advanced techniques for solving problems, achieving goals, & sending Reiki

  • The use of crystals & stones with Reiki

  • How to make a Reiki grid that will continue to send Reiki to yourself and others for a 24 hour period

  • Reiki aura clearing (psychic surgery) to remove negative energetic blockages from yourself & others

This course is taught over one evening and one full day (usually Friday evening & Saturday). At the end you will be an Advanced Reiki Practitioner.

Cost: $300

Masters level training includes:

  • The Masters level attunement

  • How to give healing attunements (both in person & through distance healing)

  • Techniques required to teach & attune Reiki practitioners at the various levels

  • Additional Reiki meditations to strengthen Reiki energy

  • The values of a Reiki Master (aka Reiki as a way of life)

This one day training is not only for people who want to teach Reiki but also those who want to increase their Reiki energy and expand their techniques. At the end you will be considered a Reiki Master.

Cost: $525

What Students have to say about Candy's Reiki Trainings

Out of the 136 written feedback forms Candy has received:

93% rate Candy as "Excellent" for the instructor rating (4% were "Very Good" & 3% added their own category of "Very Excellent!")

90% rated the course overall as "Excellent" (8% as "Very Good", 2% "Very Excellent!")

"Thank you Candy for the excellent Reiki training. I enjoyed the two day workshop more than any other training or course I have taken in the past!"

"I feel far more confident and prepared than I would have thought possible in a two day course. I am very excited to begin practicing!"

"Candy made the experience very rich with her presence - she is authentically a kind, loving being and it expresses clearly in her teaching. She created a beautiful learning and healing space, clearly answered all questions, exemplifies the "no ego" of a Reiki Master, joyful & loving - a true honour to be a part of her circle."

"I was surprised at how easily and comfortably I felt confident in the practice. Great information, lots of space to practice and the assurance that it's all good. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Candy has a very thorough and gentle approach, open to questions and discussion. I am looking forward to putting Reiki into my daily life!"

"Pace was perfect. Nice mix of knowledge transfer, discussion, practice, and breaks. Candy was knowledgeable, passionate and kept us on task, respecting our time."

"Candy was super organized, made sure we all understood and allowed us always to share our thoughts. It was a great experience!"

"Candy, you are very passionate about Reiki and this shines through when you teach. It's hard not to get excited about it when the teacher herself is so excited about sharing something so magnificent. It's been an honour learning from you Candy!"

"Candy is an awesome instructor. Knowledgeable, patient, and very articulate. I was never bored. She keeps it very engaging and interesting. This was far superior to the previous Reiki training I had received. I would highly recommend Candy."

"Enjoyed every minute. Couldn't wait to be here, never once got bored. Time management was excellent and the training was very thorough. Candy you were terrific! I knew nothing about Reiki, but now I do. Thank you! I would recommend anyone who is even slightly interested to learn more of this remarkable tool that we all seem to be able to access."

"Candy's energy and positivity are infectious. I felt relaxed, at peace and safe in her presence."

"Excellent course. Would do it again in a heartbeat! Many thanks & blessings. I will most definitely recommend this course to friends & family."

"An awesome, enriching experience. Great group of participants, and one of the best instructors I have eve had!"

"I enjoyed every aspect of the process, a wonderful experience. I will add so much to my life and to others. Candy has very good facilitation skills."


"Thank you for giving me these wonderful tools for my future and the future of others. I feel confident and very happy!"

"Well presented & fun! Thank you for a life-changing weekend!"

"Candy is warm, accessible, and knowledgeable."

"The workshop helped calm me and brought peace and love into my hectic life."

"I feel like I have been given an incredible gift. One that keeps on giving! Thank you!!!"

"Amazing!!! I felt safe and understood. Thank you Candy!"

"Candy, I love your energy and ease with people. Namaste."

"Candy you are a blessing. So glad to have met you and been able to be one of your students."

"Candy was very positive. A great teacher! I liked how the groups were switched up the second day so that we could practice with different people."

"Very knowledgeable, awesome personality and clear direction, prepared, and clear instruction."

"Thank you so much for your warm and welcoming teaching techniques"

"Great presence, friendly, knowledgeable and very inspiring!"

"Best two days of my awakened life!"

"Couldn't have asked for a better Reiki Master."

"A very pleasant experience from start to finish!"


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