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Reiki is a simple yet powerful modality using hands-on healing to reduce stress and activate our natural healing mechanisms.  Our bodies and minds have the inner wisdom necessary to know exactly what is required for us to be healthy and vital on all levels. Reiki activates that inner wisdom and provides us with the energy needed to make it happen. Come experience the relaxation and deep sense of wellbeing that comes from Reiki, even after just one session. Reiki sessions can be done in person but are equally as effective (and more preferable to some people) by distance.

Benefits of Reiki

Some of the Many Reported Benefits Include:

Stress Relief  -  Pain Relief  -  Quicker Healing from Illnesses & Injuries  -  Better Immune Function  -  Improved Sleep  -  Eliciting the Relaxation Response  -  Decreased Blood Pressure & Heart Rate  -  Better Circulation  -  Feelings of Wellbeing  -  Emotional Stability

Reiki is a complimentary modality. It increases the effectiveness of other treatments & procedures while reducing negative side effects. It does not interfere with medications. For these reasons, Reiki is now being offered in many hospital and health care settings across North America. 

Here's what clients have to say about the benefits of Reiki:

"After only six Reiki sessions I was able to release anxiety & panic attacks, which I had been suffering from for years. And they haven't come back. I am really grateful for Candy's help."

"Since receiving regular Reiki sessions, I have been able to get off my pain medications. The pain relief effects started after the first session. I'm so glad I found Reiki!"

"After each session I feel more grounded, energized, calm and capable. Thank you Candy!"

"Reiki is love, Love is wholeness, Wholeness is balance, Balance is well being, Well being is freedom from disease."

Dr. Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki


Reiki Sessions

Peaceful man getting reiki treatment poo

Sessions take about an hour, with 50 minutes of time receiving Reiki. Reiki is given while lying fully clothed on a massage table if your session is in-person, or lying somewhere comfortably in your home where you will not be disturbed if you are doing a distance session. The practitioner works through several hand positions, generally from head to toe, front to back. Hands remain stationary in each position for a period of time, either lightly touching or slightly hovering above your body. For distance sessions, the practitioner will use a surrogate to represent you (like a stuffed animal) and send you Reiki that way. By energetically connecting to you through a surrogate you can still have a very powerful Reiki session and experience the energy much like you would in an in-person session. Some clients say they feel the energy & benefits even more strongly by distance.  


At the beginning of the session you will have the opportunity to discuss what you're hoping to get out of the session or any areas you would like addressed. The practitioner will call you to discuss this prior to the start of a distance session.

People often become deeply relaxed during a session and sometimes they fall asleep. Time is given at the end to integrate the Reiki before continuing on with your day. A timer is used if you are doing a distance session to notify you when the session is over. The practitioner will call you a few minutes later to discuss your session. 

After a Reiki session it is encouraged to drink lots of water and have an epsom salt bath to help your body eliminate toxins. Many people notice a decrease in pain, better sleep, a decrease in stress and improved energy after receiving Reiki.

The number of sessions required depends on the issue. It is generally recommended initially to have 3 or 4 sessions in a ten day to two week period, followed by a session every one to two weeks until the issue is resolved. Except in the case of chronic or terminal illnesses, most issues don't require more than 5 or 6 treatment sessions.

As part of an ongoing wellness program, you might choose to continue to receive Reiki once a month.


At this time, Candy is only offering distance sessions.

Session cost: $100 Canadian Dollars (Approx. $76 USD)

Here's what clients have to say about receiving Reiki from Candy:

"Candy is truly the real deal. She has a gift - a gift I highly recommend trying. It will change your life."

"I always leave sessions feeling more relaxed and grounded. It calms my nervous system and I can access positive emotions more easily, which helps me with my brain retraining."

"Candy's insights and guidance have be invaluable in helping me move forward in my life. Her reiki energy is powerful!"

"Candy is a wonderful and therapeutic person. My experience working with her was incredible. I felt safe and trusted the process. I released things I'd been holding on to for years. It was a very intense experience. Candy assisted me through the process. She is an incredibly talented, gifted, strong counsellor & Reiki Master. I trust her guidance, knowledge, power & education. Thank you Candy for the wonderful gift that you have given me."

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