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Positive Psychology

Image by Elisabeth Wales

"Outside the realm of conscious awareness our nervous system is continuously evaluating risk in the environment, making judgments and setting priorities for behaviour that are adaptive." - Dr. Stephen Porges

Positive Psychology


Positive psychology is the scientific study of optimal human functioning. In essence, positive psychology is the study of happiness and how to help people thrive in their lives. Instead of focusing on problems, it focuses on what is working for people, teaches skill sets, and builds upon strengths & values to help bring out our best selves.

Research shows that success and failures lead to only temporary shifts in our wellbeing. Before long we return to our baseline. Positive psychology on the other hand is about raising our base level of happiness overall. In turn, happiness leads to increased success (not the other way around).

Happy Man

"In order to stay healthy, our nervous systems and psyches need to face challenges and to succeed in meeting those challenges. When this need is not met, or when we are challenged and cannot triumph, we end up lacking vitality and are unable to fully engage in life." - Peter Levine 


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